“Need some help moving? Oh, you’re already done? Too bad, I would have helped you. I guess it’s moot now.”

1. Are you aware that the US Constitution states, “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments”? This means it is the Senate’s decision alone, and there is no way a federal court would try to overturn their ruling, no more than a court would try to determine other Senate procedures. Yes, courts interpret the meaning of the Constitution, but in this case of “sole Power,” all procedures and issues are theirs alone to determine. Your Senate resolved it on the first day with a vote of 56–44, whether you like it or not. …

74 million people can’t be wrong!

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley said he’s standing up for the 74 million Trump voters “who feel disenfranchised, who feel like their vote doesn’t matter.” Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson demanded that Attorney General Bill Barr “show” that there wasn’t any evidence (huh?) of fraud. They and at least ten more Republican senators, many representatives, and all of Trump’s talking points enablers are concerned that 74 million Americans believe the election was rigged and that their vote “didn’t count.” After all, this is about the most fundamental of democratic principles, the right to elect our leaders.

First, about half of Trump…

I keep hearing my Republican friends say “Of course I don’t like Donald Trump. However…

I’m not referring to those who agree with his divisive rhetoric and his view of a long-lost America that must be reclaimed. I’m not referring to the low-information voters who adore his alleged alpha-male image and angry, contrarian “plain talking.” I’m referring to that nice neighbor who put up a yard sign and said he’s voting for Trump for “moral reasons.” I’m also thinking of the uncle who cares that Trump is “appointing good judges.” …

President Trump’s all-purpose excuse

In President Trump’s October 15 Town Hall meeting hosted by Savannah Guthrie, he once again claimed that he knew nothing about the ever-present QAnon conspiracists at his rallies, or whether there is a “satanic pedophile ring.”

We have all become numb to the demonstrably illogical, embarrassing, and ridiculous arguments that nobody but Trump’s most deluded fanatical supporters believe. …

Trump Denounces White Supremacy

So in the first presidential debate September 29th, President Trump said “sure” when pressed to denounce white supremacy and the Proud Boys. What a powerful statement of personal commitment and certitude!

Similarly, when Trump’s supporters ask whether they like the president, they say “sure.” Couples, asked if they take each other in marriage, say “sure.” Friends, asked whether they like the dinner served to them say “sure.” Jurors, being sworn in to uphold the law, say “sure.” Parents, asked whether they love their children, say “sure.” Yeah… I guess so, why not? Might as well.

Right, I guess that’s the only other thing you could have done to tell us how dangerous COVID-19 was. Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t, because surely there would have been chaos in the streets, mass suicide, and maybe even civil war. I read on social media that when Obama scared us about Ebola, grandmothers shaved their heads, teenagers stopped playing video games, nobody brushed their teeth, and there was no Parmesan to be found in the grocery stores!

Today, Ronna McDaniel, Chair of the Republican National Committee, compared Trump’s comments with George W. Bush’s calm response after 9/11

Author’s amalgamation from a large number of July and August polls, including ABC/WAPO, Emerson College, Times-Siena Polling, 538, Morning Consult, and others. Some category labels varied.

I keep hearing all the wise political commentators say “It can’t just be about opposition to Trump. Biden has to get out there, share his vision and agenda, and generate enthusiasm!” Of course, there is truth in this, and it would be unwise for Biden to complacently assume victory and hibernate. And it is true that there is a substantial “enthusiasm gap.” But Trump’s “unfavorables” are far higher than Biden’s, a crucial difference from the 2016 Clinton campaign. Further, polls consistently reveal that the greatest reason Biden voters offer for voting for him is that he is not Donald Trump

Axios interview, August 3, 2020
Axios interview, August 3, 2020
Axios interview, August 3, 2020

Donald Trump has always been graded on a curve. Expectations are so low that his most meager attempt to act presidential or do something helpful is always well rewarded. When he sticks to a prepared speech on a teleprompter more than a few minutes, the inevitable story line is that the prodigal son has returned home. What a big boy he is, he finished his vegetables… It would be relatively easy for him to impress independents and the dwindling number of voters who have not yet made up their minds. He could reassure wavering 2016 Trump voters, that are practically…

What hypocrisy!

Merrick Garland and Brett Kavanaugh

Today Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) sealed the deal on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a Justice of the Supreme Court. She echoed the talking point of the Kavanaugh supporters: he is innocent until proven guilty. Senator Collins knows better, and acknowledged herself that this was not a criminal trial. Kavanaugh has no constitutional right to a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. But the American people do have a right to expect a Supreme Court Justice who is beyond reproach — or at a bare minimum, one who doesn’t perjure himself while snarling and angrily hurling partisan…

Mark Tiller

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